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The Colour Breathing Book Kit (includes an Audio CD) is ideal for use at home.

CBRT™  – Colour Breathing® Relaxation Technique® – providing a simple and positive way to relax yourself naturally…

Thank you for visiting our website which will be updated soon with our new team and new products range. Our company is currently preparing for commercialisation through a Series A investment programme.

CBRT is a pioneer and innovation technology in behavioural health. Our intervention system and high quality product range is changing the way mental health programs can be delivered and received. It is widely understood that being able to relax may positively benefit an individuals physical, emotional and mental well being. Colour Breathing has been created to provide users with a visual interface for mindfulness with positive thinking.

Colour is all around us. We become aware of and appreciate colour from a very early age. There is scientific published evidence which demonstrate how the use of colours may affect our moods and physiology.

Between 2000 – 2018, Colour Breathing has been in a state of constant progression and evolution, supported by users feedback in community programmes in Northern Ireland and leading behavioral health specialists and academics.

Community social support services have found provision of Colour Breathing sessions a very positive experience with their clients.

The seven vibrantly coloured “Colour Breathing Disks®” used in the CBRT system –  each with their own unique gradient design – are the focus for  the relaxation session. During each session, users learn how to progressively relax their body in seven stages. The Colour Breathing Disks as a focus appear to support an awareness of the users breathing pattern and of any tensions being held in the body. Feedback from 45 group users in 2016 * NEW CBRT 45 GROUP users Case studies Feedback was that 93% of them enjoy using Colour Breathing!

A “cost effective” CPD and CE Training Programme for Healthcare, Social Care and Education providers.

CBRT has recently applied for CPD accreditation with the CPD Standards Organisation. CBRT Practitioners will adhere to a strict Code of Conduct after completing a two day CBRT Practitioner Training Programme and the required post training case studies and assessment paper. Since 2004 CBRT has researched and developed the Training Programme and during this time trained a wide range of Professionals, who have all contributed to make CBRT what it is today : Community Mental Health Support workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Midwives, Palliative Care, Occupational Therapists, GP’s, Nurses, Addiction and Trauma/PTSD Specialists, Carers, School Teachers and Lecturers, Prison Officers, Stress Management Consultants, Complementary Health Practitioners. Colour Breathing has already proved to be a popular calming classroom activity – first used as part of the Discovery Programme (2003 – 2006)

Learn CBRT

The CBRT Practitioner course is delivered by our licensed, accredited and assured practitioners.  The course is run over two-days and is very practically focused training you how to assess responses to colour and deliver both individual and group relaxation sessions.  The course will provide you with all the knowledge and skills required and a training manual is provided to help you consolidate your knowledge.

Following completion of the two-day package you will be required to complete a short 40-question online questionnaire before proceeding onto the case studies to demonstrate your consolidated your knowledge and the application of the CBRT skills.  Upon successful completion you will be awarded the CBRT Practitioner Licence allowing you to deliver CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions as a 1:1 talking therapy relaxation intervention or to a group of up to 20 people.

A key advantage of the CBRT program is that it can deliver measurable outcomes and be practised by the individual, in the privacy of their own home or in private at work, or it can be delivered through a socialised environment in a community, helping people to support each other and de-stigmatising mental health and bringing well-being to a wider group of people.

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