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CBRT™  – Colour Breathing® Relaxation Technique® – providing a simple and positive way to relax yourself naturally… 

CBRT is a pioneer and innovation technology in behavioural health. Our intervention system and high quality product range is changing the way mental health programs can be delivered and received.Recent feedback from 45 group users* NEW CBRT 45 GROUP users Case studies Feedback was that 93% of users enjoy using Colour Breathing!  

It is widely understood that being able to relax may positively benefit an individuals physical, emotional and mental well being. Colour is all around us.. we become aware of and appreciate colour from a very early age. There is scientific published evidence which demonstrate how the use of colours may affect our moods and physiology.

The Colour Breathing Book Kit (includes an Audio CD) is ideal for use at home.

The Colour Breathing Book Kit includes an Audio CD and is ideal for use at home.

What is also unique is that Colour Breathing has been completely and independently developed in the UK since 1997 by Alison Bourne, who was then working in palliative care support at her local hospice.  Colour Breathing has been created to provide users with a form of visual mindfulness with positive thinking. First plots between 1997 – 2000 demonstrated how users enjoyed learning how to relax themselves naturally using colour and their breathing. Between 2000 – 2018, Colour Breathing has been in a state of constant progression and evolution, supported by users feedback in community programmes in Northern Ireland and leading behavioral health specialists and academics. Since 2017 the company has been preparing for Series A investment as an ethical and socially responsible investment opportunity. 

CBRT™  – Our product is suitable for all consumers and online purchase to use our ‘Positive Thinking’ at home… 

There are seven vibrantly coloured “Colour Breathing Disks®” used in the CBRT system –  each with their own unique gradient design – which are the focus for  the relaxation session. During each session, users learn how to progressively relax their body in seven stages. The Colour Breathing Disks as a focus appear to support an awareness of the users breathing pattern and of any tensions being held in the body. Our recent feedback from 45 case studies is that after only two sessions 89% of users enjoy using Colour Breathing Disks for relaxation. Please contact us at if you would like to have your own Colour Breathing Kit which includes a full colour, high quality print book, an easel set of Colour Breathing Disks and Audio CD – for only £29.95 – (price includes p & p. in the UK.)

CBRT™ Relaxation Support Sessions

These are delivered by trained and competent CBRT Practitioners who have undertaken a two day CBRT Training programme and completed post training case studies and assessment paper. CBRT Practitioners who deliver CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions must display a valid Certificate of Training and Annual Licence.Licensed CBRT Practitioners will soon have other forms of identification for validation with members of the public.

Colour Breathing Affirmation Cards

Colour Breathing Affirmation Cards help people to feel more in control as they are able to select their own positive “feeling statements” for use during their relaxation sessions.

We shall be updating our website soon to show where CBRT sessions will be made available.

Keeping relaxation training and delivery simple and effective for all health and teaching professionals… 

An all-inclusive technique, CBRT is suitable for use as an early intervention programme for all abilities and age groups, whether children, young people, adults or older people. Mental illness and depression is now regarded as the most common form of illness and disability, and accounts for a larger share of the overall burden of disease in the UK and internationally than any other health condition. Behavioural  change through learning to relax naturally can support many long term conditions including depression, dementia, high blood pressure, COPD, addiction rehabilitation, pain management, PTSD, obesity.

Professionals have found Colour Breathing can be used in their practice instead of Cognitive Behavioural Technique to deliver routine outcome measures as Colour Breathing is also a form of Talking Therapy. CBRT Practitioners feedback to date is they find CBRT a straightforward, practical and structured intervention – providing a valuable interface for patient care and interaction.

Our structured CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions have been found to support men, women, and children, of all ages and abilities.With an awareness of the physical body and positive psychology the 70 “Colour Breathing Affirmation Cards” (10 different affirmations for each colour) provide a feel good, positive statement in the present moment. 

Belfast group

Communities enjoy using Colour Breathing for fun and effective group relaxation sessions.

Our recent feedback that 93% of users enjoy using Colour Breathing!  

A “cost effective” CPD and CE Training Programme for Healthcare, Social Care and Education providers.

CBRT have researched and developed the Training Programme since 2004 and we have trained a wide range of Professionals, who have all contributed to make CBRT what it is today : Community Mental Health Support workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Midwives, Palliative Care, Occupational Therapists, GP’s, Nurses, Addiction and Trauma/PTSD Specialists, Carers, School Teachers and Lecturers, Prison Officers, Stress Management Consultants, Complementary Health Practitioners.

Read the JOIN TRAINING  in the “blue bar” above  and see our Power Point about a CBRT Training Programme in Belfast HERE .

Preparation for NHS entry

Since 2010 Colour Breathing has focused all of its resources in preparation for NHS entry, even creating CBRT as the acronym for NHS use. This included the writing of three detailed CBRT NHS QIPP Initiatives (pilots designed to create robust NHS evidence) which received extensive independent NHS due diligence. In January 2011, CBRT™  was selected as a leading- edge UK innovation, to showcase at the Department of Health led NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo in ExCel, London. At the Expo, Colour Breathing was said to be “one of the most popular” exhibits there. Since the Expo, CBRT has met with very senior clinicians and individuals throughout the NHS, NHS England, Department of Health and universities. During March – May 2012, CBRT completed the NHS National Innovation Centre Technology Scorecard, receiving a 92.53% score with very positive feedback from the Technology Assessment Team, confirming CBRT to be “market ready” as  a technology for pilot.

colour-breathing helps Duncan relax

Community social support services have found provision of Colour Breathing sessions a very positive experience with their clients.

During 2013, CBRT was selected for poster presentations (click to view) at the following prestigious events: College of Medicine Annual Conference (London), AIC – International Association de Couleur International Congress (Newcastle) and the Future of Health Conference (London.)

CBRT is delighted that the NHS will soon be starting to deliver CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions in general practice to NHS patients and create independent NHS due diligence. CBRT aims to have this NHS Evidence, users online feedback, measurable outcomes written as an independent research study for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

Investment ready for expansion.

CBRT Healthcare Innovation Systems Ltd, a UK based leading edge innovation company is now preparing to have our CBRT USA & Canada headquarters in Arizona, USA. Senior Management with a passion for behavioural health reform and expertise in the key UK, USA and Canadian markets will direct our exciting launch program for new Colour Breathing products and Training Programmes to the UK, Republic of Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 


CBRT is a valuable skill for ALL nurses, mental health professionals, personal wellbeing practitioners and allied healthcare workers.

Colour Breathing interests include supporting children and young people in schools, depression and anxiety support in communities and caring for older people and dementia. It is our intention and vision to support UN Global Aid and other humanitarian programmes.

CBRT Research

eyes vision and sight

CBRT is proud to be attracting international support from clinicians and academics of the highest calibre in neuroscience, colour and quantum physics. The CBRT Scientific and Clinician Advisory Board is ready to be formed on investment. 

The key components of CBRT (mindfulness, correct breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, quantum energy, positive psychology, meditation, colour science) are now being extensively researched worldwide. Read about our great and growing CBRT Research Team here on our website!

CBRT is a very popular classroom activity

Colour Breathing has already proved to be a popular calming classroom activity – first used as part of the Discovery Programme (2003 – 2006)

Users Feedback

When you purchase a kit, we would appreciate your time with valued feedback by using our Colour Breathing Kit – Product Satisfaction Survey

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