How Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique “Works”

Colour Breathing® is based on the use of seven Colour Breathing Disks®.

The seven “Colour Breathing Disks®” have been specially designed with subtle gradient effects for individuals to use with ease. They are a physical item to see and hold, yet visual point of focus, for individual and group led relaxation support sessions. Individuals enjoy using CBRT as a relaxation technique and using colour as a means of expressing how they feel.

Individuals use a “Colour Breathing Disks Easel Chart” as a visual tool to focus on (see image on top of front page)  containing a set of seven coloured disks whilst a) becoming aware of their natural breathing pattern and b) relaxing their body in seven stages. The product is very safe to use, being of printed matter.

Research and development has involved training a wide group of mental health, education and complementary professionals – the majority from within the UK, who have provided valuable case studies and feedback. Their valuable data includes a wide range of presented conditions and social care case studies including insomnia,GAD, the full spectrum for depression including PTSD and suicidal tendencies.

Products currently available to all:

  • An easy to follow two-part CBRT® book kit with easel card set of CBRT Disks, and Audio CD set.Each chapter of the book relates to a different CBRT Disk and the reader progresses through each part of the body to achieve a deep relaxation.The seven full sized CBRT Disks are beautifully presented on a specially designed freestanding easel. All this is available for £25.00 + p &p.
  • “Music for Colour Breathing” CD; ideal soothing background music. £12.95
  • In addition, CBRT™ will soon be launching a range of other CBRT™ and Colour Breathing® “branded” product lines including clothing, bags and promotional items.

Products only available to Licensed CBRT™ Practitioners only:

  • The CBRT Practitioners Handbook – provided upon attendance at the CBRT Training Programme.
  • CBRT™ Affirmation Cards, proven to be extremely popular with users and a key component to running CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions.
  • CBRT Practitioner sets of Five Easel Card Sets.  (For group and individual CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions.)In addition, CBRT will soon be launching a range of other CBRT “branded” products including clothing, bags and promotional items.

Great care has been taken with the design of CBRT products…

The front of the “Colour Breathing Book Kit” and a yellow “Colour Breathing Disk” on display


Before the CBRT kit was created, thorough research was carried out to find ways the kit could make the relaxation process as easy as possible. Examples include:

•The silk paper used for the book was selected so that the book would “feel nice to touch”.

•The size and weight of the book was chosen to be a comfortable weight to hold.

•The CBRT Disks® have a unique easel card – freestanding design suitable for any flat surface.

•Each chapter has been designed to focus on a different CBRT Disk, enabling the user to relax their breathing pattern with different areas of their body, working from the base of their spine up to the top of their head.

•Each CBRT Disk helps the mind to calm and focus.

•There are no other pictures present to distract the mind.

•The process is designed to be simple; children and adults alike enjoy reading the process and relaxing with the Colours. When ready to move on, the next CBRT Disk appears at the bottom of the page to prompt you to turn over to the next colour.