Corporate Welfare Programmes

Provide your own Relaxation Support Sessions.
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CBRT can help to save your company money and look after your staff  – by bringing the benefits of Mindfulness into the workplace. Our Corprate Training Packages are designed for companies with 50 – 1000 + staff.

Members of your own Human Resources and Staff Welfare Teams can join a two day CBRT Practitioner Training Programme and soon provide in-house CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions for your staff.

Our two day Training Programme will enable your CBRT trained staff to provide mindfulness sessions for both individual members of your staff or groups of up to 20 people.


Please read our Corporate Training Fees PDF for this service here : CBRT™ – Bringing the benefits of Mindfulness into the workplace.

A CBRT Corporate Training Package will provide your staff with: 

        • An in-house CBRT Practitioner(s)
        • Regular CBRT Relaxation  Support Sessions for individuals or groups of up to 20 staff
        • A full CBRT Kit and ability to be able to use it for themselves and to benefit others
        • A feeling of achievement – A Certificate of Training is provided upon successful completion of the Training Programme.

Mindfulness techniques are known to support individuals with:

        • New skills and increased confidence
        • Greater empathy and patience in dealing with others
        • Creative thinking skills
        • Improved Self Esteem

CBRT can help reduce the following in your workforce:

        • Abseentism and Time off due to stress
        • Bad communication
        • Time management – awareness of the now
        • Bullying tendencies

CBRT encourages:

        • Open dialogue and calm
        • Positive Thinking
        • Team Spirit
        • Mindfulness, focus, concentration
        • Patience
        • Becoming aware of others feelings
        • Tackling one task at a time

          We would like the opportunity to post feedback and stories from CBRT Corporate Users in the future.
          For full details please contact Alison Bourne on 01425 629602 or email