The Initial Colour Breathing® Trials (1999 – 2000)

Over 100 members of the public volunteered to take part in our extensive research in 1999/2000. As a pre-publishing trial, it was necessary to deduce the effects of using the Colour Breathing Disks® and to realise if people found using Colour Breathing Disks® was of a greater benefit  than using a creative visualisation* technique alone.

The technique used in the controlled trials was approved in 2003 when read by Professor Arnold Wilkins including the methodology and practice undertaken.The trials took place over a 4 month period, with each participant having their blood pressure monitored by an SRN before and after each controlled session.

The sessions were provided as a taped session (yes, before the days of IPods!) so that each participant heard exactly the same instructions.The instructions were read by a 3rd party and not the author.

Each participant held their own set of the Colour Breathing® (CBRT™) Disks as this is before the Colour Breathing Easel Stand® was designed or published.)Each individual participated at the same time of day and before eating.

Each individual completed a 30+ questionnaire before and after each session.

Participants comments included:
I have never felt so relaxed and I feel I achieved it ‘by myself’ so yes, it was a benefit!”
*Creative Visualisation is a technique used in therapeutic intervention to help use your imagination to create a clear image, idea or feeling sense of your goal.

91%   of participants felt that CBRT™” was a worthwhile experience.”

78%   said they “would definitely practice this method again.”

91%   wished “to have their own copy of the Colour Breathing Book® and Colour Breathing Disks Kit®
to use at home.”


CBRT™ Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique® – an easy to use relaxation aid for mental health, mindfulness & wellbeing.