NHS Evidence

What is NHS Evidence?

NHS Evidence is a service that enables access to authoritative clinical and non-clinical evidence and best practice through a web-based portal. It helps people from across the NHS, public health and social care sectors to make better decisions as a result.

NHS Evidence is managed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The CBRT™ relaxation technique includes all the components below which have individual papers and case studies from different studies on the NHS Evidence website :

  1. NHS Evidence http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/
  2. Mind-Body Relaxation technique” NHS Evidence http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=Mind-Body+and+Relaxation+Techniques
  3. Breathing Techniques   NHS Evidence  http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=breathing++Techniques
  4. Mindfulness approach   NHS Evidence  http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=mindfulness
  5. positive thinking   NHS Evidence  http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=positive%20thinking&ps=30
  6. self-help and guided self-help http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=guided+self+help
  7. MBSR (Mindfulness –based stress reduction) http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=mindfulness+relaxation+
  8. Mind-body interventions   http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=mind+body+interventions
  9. creative visualisation http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=creative+visualisation
  10. meditation   http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=meditation+
  11. group therapy   http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=Group+Therapy
  12. anxiety breathing techniques   http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=anxiety%20breathing%20techniques



CBRT™ Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique® – an easy to use relaxation aid for mental health, mindfulness & well being.