CBRT Evidence in PowerPoints

  1. CBRT™ preparation for NHS entry

Since 2010, CBRT has been in preparation for NHS entry following an in depth consultation in 2009/10 with a consultant healthcare professional from SEHTA (South East Healthcare Technology Alliance.)

The acronym CBRT was created for NHS entry in 2010 and in 2011 CBRT was invited to showcase by the Department of Health Innovations Team at the very first Healthcare Innovation Expo in ExCel London. 

To create robust NHS evidence – CBRT was recommended to write three comprehensive CBRT NHS QIPP Initiatives, to train NHS and allied healthcare staff to be able to provide structured CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions to NHS Patients and create robust NHS evidence. The three initiatives have been written for three key groups of users : i) Anxiety and depression; ii) Children and Young People; iii) Older People and Dementia.

These received extensive independent NHS due diligence including:

  • Successful completion of the NHS NIC (National Innovation Centre) Technology Scorecard Process between March – May 2012  – with a 92.53% score. (The link to download report is below.)
  • Five months support given by NHS South of England from their Innovation Manager who:
    a) aligned the benefits of CBRT with the NICE Quality Standard for Depression;
    b) NHS cost savings of the initiatives projected QIPP of programme confirmed at least c. £17 million GBP sterling NHS cost savings per annum – e.g. this saving in the three NHS CCGs regions alone.
    c) Strong potential for a reduction in number of GP visits and prescriptions for antidepressants.

An overview of this can be seen in this Power Point which was completed with support from NHS South of England: CBRT™ – A Case for NHS adoption : Created with support from NHS South of England.
33 slides POWER-POINT : “CBRT A Case for NHS Adoption ” 


Cbrt a-case-for-nhs-adoption-01.05.2018 from Alison Bourne


Latest Evidence – January 2016

NEW!! CBRT 45 Group Users Case Studies Feedback Evidence – 7 Jan 2016 from Alison Bourne

Updated Evidence  – July 2014 –  28 individual users feedback evidence.

Updated Evidence  – July 2014 –  193 group users feedback evidence.

CBRT - 193 GROUP Case study Feedback Evidence June 2014 copyright 2019

CBRT Evidence from 193 users case studies which include GAD – 7

41 slides POWER-POINT : 193 individual users feedback – who participated in two CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions 2/14  – within a group setting of up to 5 people – with a recently trained CBRT Practitioner : CBRT – 193 GROUP Case study Feedback Evidence – 17 Jan 2014


36 slides POWER POINT : 28 individual users feedback – who participated in two CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions 2/14 – as an individual –  with a recently trained CBRT Practitioner :  CBRT – 28 INDIVIDUALS Case study Feedback Evidence – 15 JAN 2014 pm

In reference to NHS National Innovation Technology Scorecard lengthy evaluation of CBRT as both  – technology and intervention.  March – May 2012

CBRT NHS National Innovation Centre Technology Scorecard – three months NHS due diligence  (92.53% overall score and 42 pages content)  : CBRT NHS Scorecard_Appraisal_Details 22.03.12


Other news :

stack-of-white-journals-lbProfessor Stephen Westland Head of CBRT Research Team and Alison Bourne have co-written a paper about the development years of Colour Breathing and CBRT between 1997 – 2014.

CBRT was selected for Poster Presentation at the AIC  (International Association of Colour) 2013 Conference.  Click here to view poster.

CBRT was selected for Poster Presentation at the College of Medicine Annual Conference 2013.  Click here to view poster.

CBRT was  selected by the NHS BMJ Panel for Poster Presentation at The NHS England Future of Health Conference  October 2013. Click here to view poster.

March 2016 – A white paper was written by Founder for “Innovate Today” about the difficulties faced in being a private innovator in the UK where funding is biased towards innovation within the NHS.  

April 2016 – CBRT Founder Abstract accepted and asked to speak at Progress in Colour Studies “PICS 2016” Conference in UCL London September 2016. Click here to read abstract. Click here to view poster. 

September 2016 – CBRT was selected for Poster Presentation at the International Health and Medicine Conference in Sri Lanka. Click here to view poster.