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Here are some unbiased news stories which we have read from the Press and internet sources ourselves, and hope you will find of interest.

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VIDEO – An explanation of how Prozac works 

The Jekyll and Hyde happy pill: 

We’re a nation of painkiller addicts

One in ten Britons now being treated for depression as economic woes push number of cases past five million

The Together for Mental Health initiative launched by Welsh Health Minister 

Illness during military deployment linked to mental health problems

£52m 90-bed psychiatric hospital to open by 2014

UK to lift ban on mental patients as MPs

Studies reveal lack of workplace stress management policies

High sleeping pill use ‘worrying’

UK recession affecting mental health of men

Self-administered CBT ‘improves insomnia’

Archbishop of Canterbury: meditation is the key to living in this insane world

Dr Phillip Lee: Depression can affect anyone

 Employers must prioritise workplace mental health

Brain scans prove meditation `effective in curing mental illness

Once dismissed as pretentious but now brain scans prove Eastern philosophies can be effective in treating mental illness by Erica Crompton

Meditation helps kids pay attention neuroscientist says

 Why Flexible Hours Inspire Performance

NHS targets £89m annual savings from re-use of medicines

Mental Health problems cost the UK £67bn a year says NPC Report

BBC News Why do some people never get depressed?

Primary care funding down as drive to shift care out of hospitals stalls 

BBC News Depression drugs ‘causing falls’