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I thought the course was superb and I am very excited about becoming a Practitioner.” June 2012

To become a CBRT Practitioner, you will need to attend a two day CBRT Practitioner Training Programme and complete a 40 question Assessment Paper and 10 case studies within 8 weeks of attending the training programme.The cost for the above, including a CBRT Practitioner kit, CBRT Training Handbook and marking of papers is currently £600.00 by invoice a minimum of four weeks prior to the training programme.

Before Joining a CBRT Practitioner Training Programme.
CBRT are a ‘paper-free’ organisation based on easy to use Google forms and Google Docs throughout the training process. You will therefore require a very basic understanding of how to use a PC, with access to a PC with Internet connection, to complete all the required paperwork. Please complete the online Application Form and sign the CBRT Practitioner Code of Conduct. These are individually listed as sub menus to this page/section. Each document has a SUBMIT button at the end of this process which you will need to press to complete and successfully submit each document.
CBRT™ Practitioner Licence Agreement – (see sub menu to this page/section) CBRT Practitioners employed by the State, local government or not for profit organisations e.g. Nurses, Teachers, Lecturers, Health and Social Care Professionals are required to hold a valid CBRT Licence Agreement which has an annual fee of £30.00 GBP per annum. CBRT™ Practitioners who intend to provide CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions and earn potential income from this activity are required to hold a FULL valid CBRT™ Practitioner’s Licence Agreement. This is a formal consent document to be allowed to use CBRT with members of the public and has an annual fee of £60.00 GBP per annum. Following attendance of the two day CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme, you will be required to complete a 40 question Assessment Paper and provide 10 Case Studies which are to be completed and submitted online using the easy to follow templates provided.You will be emailed a certificate once you have successfully completed and successfully passed the Training Programme paperwork. Please read the terms and conditions and complete online if required.


1) A qualified and licensed CBRT™ Practitioner is able to bring the benefits of Colour Breathing® into their professional work. The CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme provides the core knowledge and skills (and Licence) to use the Colour Breathing Apparatus® and CBRT™ to provide CBRT™ Relaxation Support Sessions, for one-to-one Individual support or CBRT™ Relaxation Support Sessions for a group of up to twenty people.2) There is no requirement for there to be any previous experience in mental health and well being or working with colour to train as a CBRT™ Practitioner.3) The two day CBRT Training Programme cost is currently £500.00 GBP, to be paid by invoice a minimum of four weeks prior to the training programme. The cost includes the two day Training Programme, a CBRT Practitioner Kit, CBRT Training Handbook, first year Annual Practitioner Licence* and one pack of five CBRT Colour Breathing Disks Easels.

4) Individuals in private practice must hold a valid CBRT Practitioner Licence and personal indemnity insurance to use the CBRT System with any members of the public. The CBRT Practitioner Licence is an important document as it provides a form of consent for individuals using CBRT in private practice. Without this in place, users could find themselves liable to intellectual property right infringement action.

5) CBRT™ Practitioners who hold a valid licence and Practitioner number may receive 20% discount on selected CBRT™ products. CBRT products must not be sold at a price higher than the recommended retail price.

6) CBRT Practitioners who hold a valid licence may purchase additional sets of 5 x CBRT Colour Breathing Disks Easels currently £50.00 each set.

Who should consider becoming a CBRT™ Practitioner?

  • All Nursing and allied health care staff.
  • Mental Health Community Team members, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Health Care, Social Care and Occupational Therapists. Rape, Crisis and Bereavement
    Specialists, Mentors, PTSD, Addiction Recovery, Rehabilitation Units.
  • Education sector: Teachers, SENCOs, School Counsellors.
  • Community volunteers keen to provide CBRT™ Relaxation Support Sessions in their locality.
  • Stress and Anger Management Consultants, Life Coaches , NLP Practitioners.
  • HM Forces, HM Prisons Service. Police, Fire and Rescue Services.
  • Employment agencies and Human Resources Professionals.

In 2005, Colour Breathing® was recognised as a relaxation therapy by the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association.) Since 2006, Colour Breathing has been used by Mental Health professionals across the UK. We are currently  preparing for CPD accreditation with key training bodies including The Royal College of Nursing, College of Occupational Therapists, The CPD Standards Office and others.

Please note that each Training Programme requires a minimum number of participants for effective training to be able to be delivered. Participants will be given a week’s notice if this course cannot run due to unforeseen circumstances. If this should happen, you will be able to choose a training place on a different future date and/or location.