Background – Guidelines and Standards for CBRT Practitioners

Guidelines and Standards for CBRT Practitioners.

CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions – For Individuals & Groups

  1. Practitioners must hold a current Private Users Licence or Public Sector Licence to be able to run CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions.If you work within the Public Sector and wish to provide CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions in a private capacity, you may apply for a Private Users Licence.
  2. A full length CBRT Relaxation Support Session should last for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. Each CBRT Relaxation Support Session can be provided to an individual or group of up to a maximum of 20
  4. CBRT RSS must only be advertised using official CBRT materials as authorised and/or supplied by CBRT HEALTHCARE INNOVATION SYSTEMS LIMITED or downloaded from the website
  5. CBRT may be held in a suitable venue as and when required for specific groups, in business settings or rest homes for the elderly.
  6. Each participant should be provided with their own set of Colour Breathing Disks to focus on and use during a CBRT RSS.
  7. When undertaking Colour Breathing Relaxation Support Sessions for the general public in a private capacity, Practitioners are morally obliged to charge a reasonable and appropriate If you have any questions concerning this please contact your Trainer or Head Office.
  8. If you wish to provide a CBRT Relaxation Support Session to members of the public as a free demonstration, in any conference, meeting or Expo capacity, you must seek and have received written clearance from the CBRT Training Team at Head Office. A minimum of two weeks notice is required.
  9. If working in a school or college setting, you will first need permission from the Head Teacher and if aged under 16, a signed permission slip for each child from their parent or guardian.
  10. Qualified teachers of yoga or similar health and wellbeing related practices may incorporate their professional qualifications into the CBRT Relaxation Support Session as long as the Colour Breathing component is no less than 75% of the time allocated to the complete time frame.
  11. MCPS logoSuitable recorded music other than Music for Colour Breathing may be used. Please ensure you have a valid MCPS Licence if using other musician’s music in a public area. See website for further details.
  12. Colour Breathing Practitioners will be required to provide monthly online feedback to CBRT Head Office  – using a simple feedback chart which will be emailed to you – about the CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions which have been held, as this information and feedback will help us further the development of Colour Breathing.
  13. Only official CBRT materials may be used or sold at CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions. CBRT Practitioners who hold a Private User License are able to purchase CBRT consumer products to sell onwards and receive a 20% discount.