Section ONE – The Colour Breathing Apparatus ®

The Colour Breathing Apparatus®

CBRT™ is an innovative approach to self-relaxation, using seven compelling, concentric circles of pure colour, known as “Colour Breathing Disks®”.   The “Apparatus for Use in Colour Breathing” has a UK Patent and International IPR rights and was invented in 1997 by Alison Bourne, a UK Palliative Care Practitioner.

The unique design and coloration of each of the Colour Breathing Disks has been found to have a deeply relaxing effect on the user, helping them to attain a state of deep and soothing relaxation.

Each Colour Breathing Disk contains a pure colour which has been specially designed in varying degrees of gradients. The seven colours are (in order): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and magenta.

The Colour Breathing Disks® are used as a focus whilst becoming more aware of a regular breathing pattern and seven areas of the body. The CBRT Book Kit is designed to help people experience a beneficial state of mindfulness and deep relaxation easily, at their own pace.
CBRT is:

  • A visual tool and way to to learn a relaxation process;
  • A colourful and visual mindfulness technique;
  • A versatile, flexible system which is quick to learn and effective to use;
  • Ideal for adults and young people of all ages and abilities;
  • Helps people to “break state” using colour and simple diaphragmatic breathing;
  • Provides individuals with control and choice;
  • A holistic intervention to help prevent a build up of stress and rigidity;
  • A form of health prevention strategy;
  • Encourages mind-body awareness;
  • A practical tool kit for self-care and long term conditions;
  • Preventative – “Works better than the drugs.” See examples of use in articles HERE: