Section FOURTEEN – Action required following this Training Programme

Immediately following the CBRT Training Programme:

  1. Your CBRT Trainer will ask the group to all agree a date for all course paperwork completion.E.g. The agreed date for your paperwork to be completed is :  _____________________ and any extensions will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, with cases being assessed on an individual basis.
  2. Before you submit any case studies or your 40 question assessment paper you must sign and complete the CBRT Practitioners Code of Conduct and Licence agreement terms.
  3. The groups Training Papers will be marked together. Any delay caused by paperwork not being completed within the 6 week period will affect all members of the group. Please do not let the collective whole be affected by delaying the marking process.
  4. If you need additional time for the marking of your papers you must let your CBRT Trainer know immediately. Your CBRT Trainer undertakes to have marked and graded your paperwork within 2 weeks of the date received.
  5. Plagiarism is forbidden and will not be tolerated – it is essential that the assessment paper and case studies submitted are 100% your own work. Different versions of all papers will be released periodically to avoid this temptation. Examples of plagiarism include copying (using another person’s language and/or ideas as if they are a candidate’s own) by:
  • quoting verbatim another person’s work without due acknowledgement of the source;
  • paraphrasing  another person’s work by changing some of the words, or the order of the words, without due acknowledgement of the source;
  • using ideas taken from someone else without reference to the originator;
  • cutting and pasting from the Internet to make a pastiche of online sources;
  • submitting someone else’s work as part of a candidate’s own without identifying clearly who did the work.
    Paperwork received after the agreed 6 week deadline will incur a £70.00 additional charge due to a member of the Head Office Team having to mark your paperwork as an individual. An invoice will be issued upon receipt of your paperwork and papers will be marked within 15 working days after payment has cleared.
  1. Your CBRT Trainer will email you a feedback sheet with details about your submitted assessment paper and 10 case studies papers and a feedback sheet. Upon successful completion, Congratulations! You are now a licenced CBRT Practitioner.
  1. Head Office will email you a PDF CBRT Annual Licence Certificate and post your CBRT ID Badge and Certificate of Training. It is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate insurance cover to practice with members of the public and that your CBRT Practitioner Licence is renewed on time each year.  Please put your certificates into frames and display prominently wherever you provide CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions.9.  It is very important that you wear your CBRT ID Badge at all times, to enable Patients/Clients the opportunity to complete online feedback questionnaires with their feedback about the CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions they have experienced.


  • Upon receiving your Training Programme Feedback sheet you will be emailed a webpage containing the templates for your 40 Question Assessment Paper and 10 Case studies.
  • Keep a record here of when you have completed each form and submitted for marking.
  • Where identical passages within assessment papers and case studies are found to be submitted they will be disqualified.
               Forms / templates

Date completed

   Training Programme  Feedback
   40 Question Assessment Paper
   Individual Case Study 1, Session 1
   Individual Case Study 1,  Session 2
   Individual Case Study 2, Session 1
   Individual Case Study 2, Session 1
   Group Case Study 1, Session 1
   Group Case Study I, Session 2
   Group Case Study 2,  Session 1
   Group Case Study 2, Session 2
   Group Case Study 3, Session 1
   Group Case Study 3, Session 2