(ii) Background Information

The CBRT Practitioner Training Programme

1)   Admission Policy

You have completed a CBRT™ Practitioner Application form which has resulted in you being accepted for attendance of this CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme.

2)   Fees

To attend a CBRT Practitioner this Training Programme, your fees have been paid in advance. You have been provided with this copy of the CBRT Training Programme Handbook and related CBRT Practitioner products.

Should you decide, for whatever reason, to not continue with this Training Programme, your CBRT Training Programme fees are non- refundable and you must return CBRT™ products designed for Practitioner use only (e.g. the CBRT Training Programme Workbook and sets of CBRT Easel Cards for group work.

3)   CPD Policy – Principles and Values

i)    CBRT™ (Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique) is a “learning community” where all are involved in a continuous process of development and improvement. The Training Team is committed to fostering a positive climate for continuous learning. CPD is the means through which this occurs.
ii)   CPD is co-ordinated by our National CBRT™ Trainers, who will be assisted by  others in taking forward this policy.
iii)  The central emphasis will be on the quality of teaching and learning, improving
standards and developing quality CBRT™ Practitioners and Trainers. The ultimate aim is the improvement in the practice of individuals and teams through creating learning communities in which supportive and collaborative cultures directly extend the capacity for continuous self-improvement.
iv)  CBRT HEALTHCARE INNOVATION SYSTEMS LIMITED believes that a coherent and progressive opportunity to develop professionally and personally both improves standards and raises morale through personal and professional fulfilment.
v)   All CBRT™ Practitioners have an entitlement to continuing support and development.
vi)  All CBRT Practitioners will have opportunities to discuss their professional development needs (through a CBRT Practitioner Members forum, performance management, and other mechanisms/ procedures.)
vii)  CPD will be inextricably linked and integrated with CBRT HEALTHCARE INNOVATION SYSTEMS LIMITED in its development plan and will be based on a range of information;
viii)  The needs of CBRT as a Mindfulness based relaxation technique, self-help tool and talking therapy, identified through its self-evaluation; Issues identified through other monitoring, e.g. CPD Accreditation;
ix) Through awarding bodies, quality standards ISO: 13485, CE marking, FDA approval (US only) and Investors in People;
x) National Healthcare and Mental Healthcare standards;
xi) National and local priorities e.g. national strategies, local community priorities;
xii) CPD Provision;

4)   The CBRT Practitioner Training Programme fully reflects standards required in the Code of Conduct Practice and aims to:

  • Meet identified individual or national development priorities;
  • Be based on good practice – in development activity, teaching and learning,
  • Help raise standards of students’ achievements,
  • Respect cultural diversity,
  • Be provided by those with the necessary experience, expertise and skills,
  • Be planned systematically and follow the agreed programme except when dealing with emerging issues,
  • Be based, where appropriate, on relevant standards,
  • Be based on current research and inspection evidence,
  • Make effective use of resources, particularly ICT,
  • Be provided in training rooms fit for purpose with appropriate equipment,
  • Provide value for money,
  • Have effective monitoring and evaluation systems, including seeking out and acting on user feedback to inform the quality of provision.

5)   By attending this CBRT Training Programme you agree to:

Adhere to and submit completed forms online for the CBRT Practitioner Code of Conduct and Licence agreement.

  • Attend both days of the CBRT Training Programme and be punctual on both days. (It is your responsibility to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the programme each day.)
  • Complete the 40 Question Assessment Paper and Ten Case studies online using the online templates provided, by the given timeline.

After attending this CBRT Training Programme you agree to:

Complete the Course Feedback sheet provided by your CBRT Trainer.  Your feedback about the CBRT Training Programme is really important as we listen to and respond to your feedback and wish all participants to be happy with their experience.

  • Complete an online 40 Question Assessment Paper, which is based on the CBRT Training Programme and contents of the CBRT Practitioner Training Programme workbook.
  • Complete ten case studies using the online templates of:
    Three case studies of CBRT Relaxation Support Groups of same five people each time, (e.g. three different groups of five people, each seen twice, and
    Two case studies of two individuals, each seen twice.

6)    Appeals   – A copy of the company Appeals procedure is available upon request.

7)    Complaints – A copy of the company complaints procedure is posted in the “About CBRT” area of the website in the “Our Standards” menu.

8)    Quality assurance and enhancement – The Company is dedicated to a policy of continual improvement and total quality management systems.