(i) Introduction and welcome

A warm welcome to the CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme!

Our intention is for you to enjoy this two day CBRT Training Programme, and will personally feel the many benefits of deep relaxation using the Colour Breathing Disks®. As well as learning a new skill to use in your life and work, we hope you will wish to share CBRT with patients, clients, friends and family.

Once you have completed this Training Programme, you will be able to:

  • Describe the concept of Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique.
  • Use the Colour Breathing apparatus correctly.
  • Describe the effects that colour has on us.
  • Perform some basic breathing exercises.
  • Describe the purpose and use of positive thinking and affirmations.
  • Monitor individuals feelings about colour.
  • Deliver a CBRT Relaxation session for an individual.
  • Deliver a CBRT Relaxation Class for a group of up to 20 people.The CBRT Practitioner Training Programme is designed to provide you with the following:
  • Knowledge based learning
  • A practical tool and skill set to help people relax themselves naturally
  • Therapeutic competencies in guided self-help, mindfulness, communication
  • Development of self-awareness
  • Person-centred care, co-ordinated and tailored to the needs of the individual , their carer(s) and family.
  • Active Compassion and Care in Practice
  • Professional development : CPD and CE
  • Skills – working with individuals and within a group
  • A holistic intervention and guided self-help approach for individuals with mild to moderate depression, general anxiety disorder, hypertension, long term conditions and medically unexplained symptoms.