How to use CBRT on a 1 : 1 basis. Working in pairs – introduction.

CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions for Individuals

Using the CBRT Initial Response Sheets™ (CBRT IRS)
You will be given these to use at your CBRT Practitioner Training Programme.

The CBRT Initial Response Sheets have been designed for use prior to any first ‘one-to-one’ CBRT Relaxation Support Session. They help to introduce you as a CBRT Practitioner, the concept of CBRT as a technique and provide valuable feedback.

The process of taking the individual through each colour using the sheets provided before the first CBRT Relaxation Support Session will enable them to understand what the process is about. Also, with having spent time with you as the Practitioner, they should be able to relax more deeply.

The CBRT Initial Response Sheets act as a summary for the CBRT process, helping you to see where the individual might need additional help with each of the Colour Breathing Disks during the relaxation process.

  1. DISKS – Sit the client comfortably and ensure that both of you have a set of the Colour Breathing Disks in front of you to use. Remember to not sit opposite each other or look “over their shoulder” whilst taking them through the relaxation process.
  2. FEET – Ensure they have taken off their shoes with their feet in contact with the floor. (If their feet do not reach the floor using your chair, arrange a cushion or pillow for them to rest their feet on.)
  3. COMFORT – Do they feel comfortable in the room? Is there adequate light? Do they feel they will be able to relax in the room where you are practising? Are they comfortable working with you?
  4. BREATHING – Initially relax the client with at least 3 focused breaths (in through the nose and out through the mouth) before you start.
  5. INITIAL RESPONSE SHEETS – Read through the first question. Ask the Patient / Client how quickly they feel a change in their physical body or emotions after looking at the colour. Then tick the relevant box.
  6. Now continue and taking the Patient / Client through each question for each colour. Please do not rush this process; this should take between 15 – 20 minutes. If your Patient /Client really doesn’t like any particular colour, then note their comments and do not make them stay with it. Likewise, if someone really loves a colour, don’t make them rush away from it. Use your instincts with the timing here.
  7. It is recommended that an initial consultation (CBRT Initial response sheets followed by a CBRT Relaxation Support Session) lasts for approximately 60 minutes (20 mins + 40 mins).
  8. Once you have completed the process with all seven colours , you will transfer the feedback from the seven sheets into the main feedback sheet.There is also a section where you can write down which 14 CBRT Affirmation cards (two for each Colour Breathing Disk) your client has selected for their first CBRT RSS.