Example feedback from recently trained CBRT Practitioners

CBRT Practitioners in Belfast 14 15 October

Cbrt training programme power point belfast october 2013 

“How do you plan to use CBRT?”

“I am intending to use CBRT in helping/counselling relationships with individuals. I would also hope to use cbrt working with groups in the community in a voluntary capacity.”

Jim Ward.

“I plan to introduce it to friends, family and also to use it within my counselling work with both adults and young people on an individual and a group basis.

An amazing practical technique to combat stress for people of all ages! Thank you!”

Alison Cathcart

“I plan to use CBRT in my work with community groups, older people residential homes and with my own family and friends.”

Poilin Quinn

“I will use CBRT for friends, family and individual counselling clients at present and hope to hold community groups in the future.

Thoroughly enjoyed the training and how practical it is!”

Brenda Skillen

” I plan to use CBRT as a tool in the communities in which I work to promote a self-help approach to stress management.

I will use it with family and friends and clients I work with in my practice as a complementary health practitioner.”

Lisa Follis

” I plan to use CBRT with my clients, who have or have had cancer as a tool to help them relax.”

Margaret Gibson

“I plan on using CBRT with my clients that I treat in the Maureen Sheenan Centre. I also want to use it to help those who suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. And after discussing it with a few of my work colleagues they too are interested in trying it out to help them. Its also something that I myself can use because when helping others I can tend to hit a wall at times and maybe even get a bit stressed and depressed myself so this is a great practical self help tool I plan on using regularly.”

Alison Dewar

“I plan to use CBRT to provide group sessions to an array of people. I work in the field of addiction so will use these skills there. Many thanks!”

Hannah Eynon