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Are you a large SME or Healthcare provider looking for a new way to revitalise your staff? 

“With over 13 million working days lost (in the UK alone) due to stress, depression and anxiety, businesses are starting to realise the economic realities of having a healthy workforce.
CBRT™ not only offers companies the opportunity to provide their staff with a practical self help technique that can be easily administered at anytime and anywhere in the workplace,
but it is also having a positive impact on the bottom line business performance.”
Bespoke CBRT™ Two  Day Training Programmes.
The CBRT ™ Innovation Team will visit your premises and provide a tailor made CBRT Programme for your staff.



The CBRT Innovation Team are developing a range of CBRT workshops for the Education, Corporate, Corporate Hospitality and Wellbeing sectors.  These will be lead by members from our team of National Trainers.
Example – CBRT used in a UK Call Centre
CBRT is ideal for self-relaxation in the open plan office environment as its visual presence is non-offensive, the technique is non-tactile and it has been
found to have a calming effect on all in the environment, working on a subliminal level.

Organisations that have trained their staff in relaxation techniques  are less likely to have absences due to stress and poor mental health and often report having a more highly motivated and productive work environment.


Bespoke CBRT™ Conference Experiences. A great way to Inspire and Motivate your Staff!

For larger companies and SME’s, we are able to provide a Bespoke CBRT™ Conference Experience including an amazing audio – visual – lighting CBRT™ Experience for your Delegates.

A Bespoke CBRT™ product range is also available for creation, making CBRT™ an Innovative Conference Gift for Delegates.

Innovation Lead and Founder Alison Bourne and Professor Stephen Westland are available to speak about CBRT™ and a variety of subject matters at Conferences and Conventions. (Poa)
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