FAQ’s – frequently asked questions

1. What is CBRT™?

CBRT™ (Colour Breathing  Relaxation Technique®) is a Mindfulness based relaxation innovation, based on a set of seven vibrant, Colour Breathing Disks®.

Used as a focus, Colour Breathing Disks® help people learn how to relax themselves naturally, become aware of their breathing pattern, and the benefits of positive thinking.


2. Can I buy my own kit online and use Colour Breathing® – CBRT™ – by myself at home?

Yes! The Colour Breathing Book Kit and Audio CD is available from our online shop and is ready for you to use at home.

You simply open up your kit and read the book whilst looking at the seven Colour Breathing Disks® which are displayed on a separate freestanding easel  set and/or listen to the audio CD whilst using the Colour Breathing Disks®.

3. What do CBRT™ Practitioners offer me?

CBRT™ (Colour Breathing  Relaxation Technique®)  sessions can only be offered by individuals who have attended and completed the CBRT™ Two Day Practitioner Training Programme.

After successful completion of the two days CBRT™ Training Programme, CBRT™ Practitioners are required to complete a 40 Question Assessment Paper and undertake 10 Case Studies before they are able use the CBRT™ system in their working practice for one – to – one structured relaxation or as a group CBRT ™ Relaxation Support Session, for a group of up to 20 people.

As a client, we suggest you ask to see the Practitioners’ valid CBRT™ Licence Agreement and CBRT™ Practititioner Certificate of Training before making any payment. (The CBRT™ Practitioner must also carry or display a valid Certificate of Insurance.)

The one-to-one CBRT Relaxation Support Session™  involves completing a set of “Initial Response Sheets©”  which helps the CBRT™ Practitioner understand the patients individual needs and response to each Colour Breathing Disk® as presented.

The patient is actively involved in the preparation and participation of their relaxation session. After the session it is safe for the individual to use CBRT™ as a self-help tool.