Exclusive Online CBRT Practitioner Training Programme Opportunity

CBRT Practitioner Training Programme. Learn over 3 weeks a COVID-19 ‘user friendly’ first tier mental health and wellbeing relaxation intervention 4 integrated healthcare.

A unique opportunity to learn this pioneering, gentle and effective intervention online with its founder. 3 x 5 online hour training sessions, case studies, evidence based. 

Developed in the UK since 1997 – the unique Colour Breathing programme benefits include low cost, high quality full colour products, Practitioner tools and systems to help you to support, empower and build mental health resilience within your school and communities. CBRT is a pioneering social impact programme for inclusivity and diversity. Mental health equity and wellness suitable for all age groups. A positive and engaging programme for the socialisation of mental health cause.  

Community Mental Health Wellbeing Manager – Northern Ireland
“Since I was first introduced to CBRT back in 2004 I have seen Colour Breathing evolve from being a simple relaxation intervention, which showed great promise – to becoming a high quality relaxation and psychological therapeutic intervention which has the ability to deliver measurable outcomes. I am happy to add my support to the use of the technique as an early intervention and health prevention tool.”

Testimonial from adult user New Lodge and Duncairn Community Health Partnership.
North Belfast Day Centre Members each received 10 sessions of CBRT. Duncan, one of the course participants’ said:
“The Colour Breathing for me – was a welcome ‘anchor’ in my ‘sea of stress.’ Just focusing on the Disks, with the gentle soothing colours and sensible commentary – I was actually able to slip the boundaries of my everyday, hum-drum, dismal and sometimes even distressing existence, and come to terms with the REAL me….Still alive and kicking, after all my years of grinding mental illness.”


CBRT Education Sector Flyer OCT2020