Innovation – Colour Breathing® and CBRT

We are very grateful to all the individuals and companies who have supported us and continue to support the development of Colour Breathing® since 1997. 

Alison being interviewed by BBC Radio Four.

Research and Development History
The Colour Breathing Disks® and technique have been developed by Alison Bourne since 1997. Prior to this she had a commercial background which included Wines & Spirits to Master of Wine level – which is where she learnt about colour, Retail and Wholesale Management, National Project Management to Board Level, New Product Development and Own Label /National Grocery Buying. As a National Buyer she had a positive approach to buying commodities at best prices national chains often couldn’t achieve. After three years experience in new product development Alison had developed the competence, commercial knowledge and experience necessary to be able to create market and test the Colour Breathing concept.

Inventors have a vision and the last 21 years work and dedication  have culminated in the creation of Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique® (CBRT) widely recognised as being a visual form of Mindfulness, as a new and valued approach to mental health and well being. Colour Breathing® is now ready for international launch as an innovative solution to stress management, with high standards with the quality range of products ready for a worldwide mass market with huge sales and market potential.

Following a sudden family bereavement to cancer in 1990, Alison re-trained at weekends for 2 years and left paid employment to become an Aromatherapist and Palliative Care Therapist. Within two years she became the first complementary therapist and key team member in her local hospice in the New Forest, Hampshire. It was during this time she became aware of a gap in the market for a product which Patients could use to help themselves relax. Working closely with doctors and nurses within a hospice environment provided her with deep insight into the many different forms of stress and anxiety and  the often devastating ripple effect it could have on close family members and friends.

Key notable milestones since 1997: 

  • 2 years for initial product design creation of pilot disks, trials and research to production stage. Offered book publishing contract with first publisher contacted – Collins & Brown, in London. Decided to self-publish book as they wanted to “change” the colours of the Colour Breathing Disks – to save on print costs. This would have invalidated 2 years research so pulled out.
  • 18 months search for printer who could produce the products to the desired quality at a commercially viable price.
  • 2000 – First UK Patent granted. Now a Brand in its own right -trademarked invention /apparatus – with technological potential.
  • 2001 – Met Composer of Music for Colour Breathing CD Gerald Jay Markoe in New York. Took book drafts to Chicago Book Fair, APA Book Fair Sydney, and Frankfurt Book Fair.

    Alison and her late friend Nicole showcasing Colour Breathing at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

  • 2001 – Book foreword written by Consultant Mr. Michael Dooley, first edition published in 2002.
  • 2002  – Colour Breathing accepted by the UK Publishers Association.
  • 4 years presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair resulting in Alison connecting with an extremely valued publishing mentor with over 30 years experience and worldwide contacts.
  • 2002 – initial publishing print run and talks given about products in Denver, Sydney, London
  • 2002 – Colour Breathing joins Publishers Association visit to Singapore and Australia.
  • 2002 – First meeting at Leeds University – Professor of Colour Science and Technology.
  • 2002 – 2004 development of the two day certified training programme including second visit to Australia, speaking at Mind & Body event.
  • 2003 – Met Professor Arnold Wilkins who designed coloured overlays for dyslexia, Essex University.
  • 2003 – 2006 – Author unsuccessful in getting compensation from Ilchi Lee for the unauthorised use of her copyright and work following co-edition contract and sample book request Frankfurt Book Fair. (See Below)
    Author did not have the £200,000 purse required to take the case to a US court.
  • 2004 Colour Breathing is recognised by the BCMA as being a bonafide complementary relaxation therapy in the UK.
  • 2004  – Colour Breathing at ISMA (International Stress management Association) London conference.
  • First contact with Professor Terry Looker & Dr. Olga Gregson, Manchester University.
  • Mainstream mental health sector status and endorsements from mental health experts.
  • 2004 – 2006 Colour Breathing used in schools as part of the Discovery Project.

    Students Colour Breathing at Solent University

  • 2004  – First Colour Breathing Practitioner Training Programmes held in Portsmouth and Cardiff
  • 2005 – Colour Breathing Practitioner Training Programmes held in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Wales, London, Northern Ireland and Australia
  • 2005 – 2008 – A Colour Breathing Franchising  format explored and developed but proved to be the wrong vehicle for Colour Breathing*
  • 2006 – Meeting at Oxford University Faculty of the Mind – Colour Breathing is a form of technology.
  • Successful Pilot Training Licence with “Action Mental Health – Northern Ireland 2006 – 2007
  • 2008 – Colour Breathing initial visit to Arizona and US Trademarks granted.
  • 2009 – 2010 Colour Breathing two visits to Qatar; preparations started on upgrading of Colour Breathing into CBRT.
  • 2009 – Gerald Jay Markoe sadly passes away; Composer Terry Oldfield agrees to write new compositions.
  • 2009 – A Consultant from SEHTA (South East Health Technology Alliance) advises Colour Breathing to focus preparation for NHS entry.
  • 2010 – GWIIN BFIIN Awards Cardiff

    Colour Breathing used for emotional intelligence skills in “The Discovery Programme” very popular and successful with school children of all ages.

  • 2009 – 2011 Further R & D CBRT Training Programmes held in Hampshire
  • 2011 – CBRT showcases with great success to the NHS at DH Health Care Innovation Expo at London Excel Centre
  • 2011 – The first CBRT NHS Pilot Initiative drafted and developed throughout 2011 – 2013
  • 2011 – New website created. CBRT attends Royal College of Nursing Conference and suggested its training programme becomes a CPD accreditation.
  • 2011 – New version of CBRT Training Programme prepared for CPD Accreditation and ISO : 13485 standards
  • 2012 – CBRT completes NHS NIC (National Innovation Centre) Technology Scorecard Process with score of 92.53%. CBRT meets with key individuals within NHS and Department of Health.
  • 2013 – The Francis Report is published and NHS England starts 1st April 2013. Five months extensive due dilligence with NHS South of England aligns benefits of CBRT with the NICE Quality Standards for depression.
  • 2013 – CBRT meets with key individuals within NHS, NHS England and Department of Health in preparation for pilot initiatives. No funding made available to pilot non-NHS interventions and create NHS evidence.
  • 2014 – CBRT meets Very Senior Management within NHS England, various organisations. First meeting with UK national mental health bodies.
  • 2015 – CBRT invited to attend Wessex AHSN Innovation Programme and offered support through SET Squared partnership. New Business Plan written ready for investment.
  • 2016 – CBRT asked to write a White Paper for inaugural edition of “Innovation Today” magazine. 
  • CBRT Abstract written for PICS 2016 conference at UCL London about the first NHS pilot starting to take place Autumn 2016 to create NHS evidence. 
  • CBRT signs contract with Pegasus Funding to raise investment.
  • 2017 – CBRT focuses on investment process and writes 5 year business plan. Waits for Pegasus Funding to raise investment vehicle.
  • Finds suitable sites for UK Headquarters, USA and Australia offices. 
  • June 2017 – CBRT offered exclusive UK land opportunity for wellbeing complex. 
  • August 2017 – Pegasus Funding asked CBRT to form the Virtual Senior Management Team to be ready for investment.
  • December 2017 – Pegasus Funding still waiting for Celta Assets Investment Vehicle to become ready.
  • July 2018 – Pegasus Funding MD writes to Founder to confirm they do not believe they will be receiving any finances from Celta Assets Investment Vehicle.

  • Colour Breathing has been created on a very small budget compared to many new mental health and wellbeing interventions.

The “NICE Guideline on the Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults” (2010, page 293) states: “Low-intensity interventions are clinically and cost effective for subthreshold depressive symptoms and mild depression, and therefore are to be preferred over individual and group CBT (and other high-intensity psychological interventions) as the initial treatment for subthreshold depressive symptoms and mild depression. Group CBT is an effective treatment for mild depression but, given the duration of the group and the staffing of such groups, it was viewed on cost-minimisation grounds as less cost effective than low-intensity interventions but more cost effective than individual CBT, and so was placed between them in the stepped-care model.”

With stress and anxiety affecting many millions of people in the current economic climate, mild to moderate mental health needs require support. The provision of CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions used as a health and social care interface is a practical and common sense approach to the above situation which can also support a diverse population, with individual and community support service needs. CBRT received an extremely positive and excellent response from NHS management attending the DH Healthcare Innovation Expo 2011 – which has resulted in the CBRT NHS Initiatives being written.

  • A candid look at just some of the obstacles and challenges the founder of CBRT has had to overcome since 1997
  1. Losing estimated over £2 million in 2003 alone through blatant copyright infringement (see pictures below.)

    In 2001, at The Frankfurt Book Fair, the author was approached by the chief director of Healing Society Inc, based in Sedona and South Korea requesting a version of the new Colour Breathing Book Kit be sent to their Korean Healing Society address in 2002. It was then found that the the original Colour Breathing book kit was blatantly copied by a multi million pound empire and leader then based in Sedona North Arizona who called his version “Healing Chakra.”

    FedEx documentation proves that the publishers Healing Society, Inc had received the parcel of Colour Breathing products at their headquarters in South Korea.

    READ ARTICLE bourne- healing society 

  2. The plagiarised “work” was first seen by Alison and Nicole whilst showcasing in the UK and USA halls at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2002.

    Colour Breathing was unable to sign its planned US co-edition contract initially worth over £130,000 profit due to having to take legal action -or launch Color Breathing across the USA and Canada in 2003 as intended.

  3. Having just had a second child, the author did not have the £200,000 purse required to take Ilchi Lee to court in Arizona for the copyright infringement. It was very difficult to find the substantial attorney fees which had to be found and paid between 2003 – 2006. Dahn Yoga changed its name to Body & Brain in late 2005.

  4. An agreement for a mediation meeting to take place in London was suggested by the UK Legal Counsel in 2006 but nobody from Dr. Ilchi Lee’s USA organisation did the decent thing and attend.

  5. Body & Brain, formerly called Dahn Yoga, is a business founded in 1985 by Ilchi Lee that teaches a Korean physical exercise system called Dahn Yoga.

    In a Forbes Article dated July 16th 2009 READ ARTICLE Dahn Yoga: Body, Brain and Wallet it suggested:

    Dahn, a.k.a. Dahn Hak, has 1,221 centers in nine countries. The company and its affiliates employ 5,053 people and claim 1.9 million people have practiced Dahn yoga. It also has 22 “Body and Brain” franchises in the U.S. at which it teaches a technique it calls brain wave vibration, a kind of “yoga for the brain” that uses rhythmic movements to “balance” your mind and reduce stress. Information on the firm’s revenues is sketchy. A South Korean weekly magazine reported that Dahn World had global revenue of 170 billion won in 2003 (that’s $133 million today). Dahn World boasted in that publication that margins far exceeded those of Korean car manufacturers. Some internal documents seen by forbes suggest Dahn will take in an estimated $34 million this year in the U.S.

  6. April 06 2010 Forbes published another article which announced Ilchi Lees resignation from BR Consulting, the group which advised Dahn Yoga and other affiliated entities. READ ARTICLE : Dahn Yoga Founder Ilchi Lee Resigns Amid Suits Alleging Brain Washing and Sex Abuse  

  7. No compensation has ever been offered by Dr. Ilchi Lee.

    It was estimated by ex- Dahn Yoga employees and members who made contact with Colour Breathing that c. £2 million GBP profits were gained in the first year US tour alone by the Ilchi Lee organisation “Healing Chakra Tour” during the 2003 US launch in 17 US states and there was also a reported ‘international workshop tour.’

    Other language editions have been published.

    It is believed the total infringement ‘value’ lost by Colour Breathing since 2003 – in 2018 – could be worth up to £15 million GBP pounds.

  8. International publishing rights for Illchi Lee Healing Chakra in 2011 continued to be sold worldwide (Russia and Italy)- without any compensation payments being paid to the author of Colour Breathing.

    READ ARTICLE Ilchi Lee has now sold rights to Healing Chakra in Russia and Italy FEB 11  

    Written after the international workshop tour of the same name that Ilchi Lee underwent from 2001 to 2003, Healing Chakras speaks on the seven energy centers within the body postulated by traditional Asian medicine. Lee writes in the Introduction, “This book is based on the notion that energetic health is the foundation of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Energy is the root of body and mind. By understanding and mastering energy, you can unlock the secret to changing yourself and the world. When a chakra changes, energy changes.When energy changes, personal transformation is achieved.”  And see a Korean published edition below.

  9. In his website  it states:   

    Ilchi Lee is a dedicated advocate for a peaceful, sustainable world, a New York Times bestselling author, and an innovative leader in human brain potential development. A true believer in the power of each person to change themselves and the world around them, Ilchi Lee has developed many mind-body training methods, including Body & Brain Yoga and Brain Education, and has helped millions of people globally find their true potential and develop it for the benefit of all.

  10. A total lack of UK Bank funding support for mental health or healthcare innovation within the private sector.
  11. ‘Red tape’ and lack of NHS funding to pilot a ‘non-NHS’ intervention  – required to create NHS evidence.
  12. Poor financial (and often very expensive) UK accountancy advice:

i) In 2007 a financial adviser negotiated on behalf of CBRT and documents were signed for investment of £250,000 – but the international funding ‘source’ was questionable which resulted in CBRT having to report it to the police and Interpol. The knock-on effects of not receiving this investment were extremely difficult.

ii) It was suggested by a Franchising lawyer that Colour Breathing might become a suitable franchise model – however individuals who signed franchise agreements did not pay for their investment.

iii) A Legal letter and even a ‘police incident’ number had to be arranged –  to warn off a UK Colour Therapist ‘stalker.’

iv) In 2011, A. Willis Accountant was paid £3,000 to complete company accounts and ran off with paperwork. Never completed and unbelievably we had to drive to Bath to collect our paperwork.

v) Previous two chartered accountants found to have not provided correct advice to company with innovation funding already ploughed into concept.


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