CBRT Users feedback

Testimonials from individuals who have received 2 sessions of CBRT .

Feedback and comments – from 85 individuals – as recorded after two sessions of CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions with a CBRT Practitioner:

  1. Client has a better relationship with her husband, was more relaxed this time.
  2. She was very calm and more in control of her thoughts. Client said she will be recommending CBRT.
  3. Client became more confident and blood pressure lowered.
  4. Client has made changes in her life and lowered cholesterol.
  5. Able to cope.
  6. Anxiety levels “were reduced dramatically.”
  7. Felt benefit.Making decisions.
  8. More relaxed
  9. More confident.
  10. Has more courage to stand up for herself.
  11. Was less stressed and managed workload better.
  12. Said he was thinking clearer.
  13. Was able to relax more this time.
  14. Felt benefit – will be looking for a house to rent when they have a bit more time.
  15. Was wearing a big smile – more happy.
  16. Less symptoms of IBS.
  17. Feels more positive and saving for a deposit for a new home.
  18. Asked for further CBRT sessions.
  19. Client would like to continue with CBRT.
  20. Client wants to try again next CBRT session.
  21. Client would like for him and his partner to complete a course in CBRT.
  22. Client would like to know more about Colour Breathing and complete a longer course in it.
  23. Client felt she would benefit from more sessions, something she wants to carry on.
  24. Very beneficial.
  25. Client would really like to do it with her partner feels they would both benefit from it.
  26. Would really like to take part in the 6 sessions.
  27. Would like to do this at home for herself.
  28.  Client felt she would like an individual session to focus on certain colours.
  29. Great second session.
  30. Client would like more sessions, enquiring about the 6 week sessions course.
  31. Client felt it was a great thing to do in the home.
  32. Client would like an individual CBRT session.
  33. Excellent CBRT course, client used to work with elderly people thought it would be a great idea for nursing homes, etc.
  34. Client feels like she is sleeping a lot better.
  35. Client would like more info on CBRT and wanted to know more about the CBRT courses.
  36. Client was very positive and said she would like to continue CBRT sessions in the future.
  37. Client really enjoyed both sessions and felt they were both very beneficial. Client would like to continue with further sessions or alternatively use the CBRT Disks on a personal basis.
  38. Client said she would be interested in additional CBRT sessions.
  39. Client gradually became calmer and was a lot more cooperative during this session.
  40. Would like to have more CBRT sessions.
  41. Would like to have more CBRT sessions.
  42. Client is a very old man but after a slow start he became a lot calmer and was quite talkative afterwards. Felt it helped his concentration.
  43. Enjoyed the CBRT session and looking forward to having more on a regular basis.
  44. Seemed to take himself a lot less seriously. Client seemed to be a lot more laid back and responsive to this CBRT session.
  45. Visibly became more relaxed. Client is a very happy and contented person. She took a very positive approach throughout.
  46. Became visibly relaxed from the very start. Particularly liked the Green and Blue CBRT Disks. Gave her a sense of total peace.
  47. Released a lot of tension due to back pain. Quickly became very relaxed. Enjoyed both CBRT sessions and would like to continue on a regular basis.
  48. Stress relief. Gradually became visibly relaxed. Enjoyed the CBRT relaxation and would like the Maura Sheehan Centre to organise more CBRT sessions.
  49. Enjoyed the CBRT sessions. Would like to attend more. Continued to experience some pain relief.
  50. Client felt calmness. Enjoyed CBRT and would like to practice it more.
  51. Client felt more relaxed. Felt the CBRT sessions helped with his worries and anxieties.
  52. Enjoyed the CBRT sessions felt they temporarily eased his worries. Would like to continue.
  53. Because this was the second CBRT session I felt I was able to concentrate more on the areas of my body we were doing and my breathing was more relaxed too.
  54. Pain in right hip area was lessened after the session – I really focused on the Orange.
  55. Stress levels reduced.
  56. Found CBRT Session One helped back ache; I became less focused on the pain. Ability to relax has improved and found that concentrating on colours has helped in other situations.
  57. When I have been having problems sleeping I have been using the CBRT Techniques to help myself relax and fall asleep.
  58. Would be happy to do these CBRT sessions regularly. It has opened my eyes to the benefits of other types of relaxation techniques.
  59. Anxiety over current health problems were alleviated and felt much more positive about how to approach treatment.
  60. Client definitely showed signs of self help and using the technique to alleviate stressful situations.
  61. Suffer from neck, back and hip pain as a result of a car accident. As the CBRT session progressed I could feel relief in these areas.
  62. Nice relaxing CBRT session.
  63. Relaxed, clearer thoughts.
  64. Did confirm she has a problem relaxing and feedback from the second CBRT session was that it “helped a bit.”
  65. Felt more relaxed physically and mentally. Found that I was better equipped to deal with the day.
  66. Became more relaxed as the CBRT session progressed. Heart rate definitely decreased and eyes felt rejuvenated. Other staff should be encouraged to take part.
  67. Yes I felt relaxed. I was able to just let my mind go and focus on relaxing totally without my mind thinking about anything.Would definitely go to another CBRT session as I have found this helpful. Good for dealing with day to day routine.
  68. Since the first CBRT session I have used the deep breathing technique to clear my mind or make me feel more at ease. If there is something on my mind which I am worried about I will use this to help clear it. My second CBRT session was definitely beneficial. I think on my first CBRT session I wasn’t able to concentrate and allow myself to relax. I would definitely recommend this and do it again.
  69. Anxiety – was able to relax at some points.
  70. Client couldn’t believe how effective the colours were , how they induced such a relaxed state. It was evident that the client really enjoyed the green and blue CBRT Disks, the tension in his face really began to disappear at this point. Client would be keen to continue with further CBRT sessions.
  71. Concentrated slightly better.
  72. Started to relax at the beginning. Would like more CBRT sessions.
  73. Relaxed throughout the session. Would like more CBRT sessions.
  74. Enjoyed from the start. Would like more CBRT sessions.
  75. Really enjoyed the deep relaxation. Became more relaxed from the beginning. Wants to have six sessions course of CBRT.
  76. More relaxed than first CBRT session. Better than first session.
  77. Client enjoyed the sensation of relaxation. He enjoyed the whole CBRT session. Felt stress free.
  78. Client felt a deep calm.Less stress. Would enjoy more CBRT sessions.
  79. Again she enjoyed the time for herself. Felt relaxed. Would really enjoy more CBRT sessions.
  80. More relaxed than first CBRT session. Felt more relaxed.
  81. Physically and spiritually and emotionally. Deeper sense of relaxation. Enjoyed this CBRT session even more than the first.
  82. More relaxed than first CBRT session. Eased into the process in this session more than the first. Would like to continue with more CBRT sessions.
  83. Client felt the tension leaving her shoulders.Deeply relaxed. Enjoyed CBRT thoroughly again.
  84. Floaty sensation, towards the end was deeply relaxed. Really enjoyed the ending.
  85. Client found she experienced the relaxation from the start of session. Found it easy to become relaxed. Very sleepy by the end. Wants to do more CBRT sessions to benefit further.