Book foreword by Consultant Gynaecologist Michael Dooley MMs FFSRH FRCOG

Evidence-based medicine is important and in many areas essential; however, we have to accept, that for many areas of healthcare and appropriate treatment, statistically based evidence may be difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

A holistic approach to the care of an individual is an honourable goal which we should all aim to achieve. The whole person needs to be treated rather than just the symptoms. In my area of specific expertise – women’s health and infertility – it is essential that a multidisciplinary approach be achieved. Complementary medicine is exciting; this implies one, two or more ideas that go together, i.e., they complement each other.

Alison Bourne’s work of Colour Breathing is a fascinating, thought-provoking, in some way revolutionary, new weapon in my armoury for a holistic approach. She has introduced the role of Colour Breathing to inner well-being, and I am extremely pleased to see its introduction. I will be very interested to hear the feedback from individuals. The control of inner –self, self-discipline and positive thought will help prevent, even treat, some areas of ill health, as well as aid more conventional therapy. I hope Colour Breathing will help reduce the need for therapeutic agents (which can be associated with side effects sometimes worse than the actual disease.)

Alison needs to be congratulated on this book, as she has helped me believe that my next twenty years in medicine is going to be very exciting, with the further integration of complementary medicine into my practice.

Happy Colour Breathing – enjoy and benefit…

Michael Dooley

Consultant Gynaecologist
The Winterbourne Hospital, Dorset, UK
Director of Sports & Medicine for the British Equestrian federation

Professional profile

Michael Dooley is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Dorset County Hospital and a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. He qualified from the University of London and then gained clinical and research experience in London, Oxford and Southern Ireland. His special interest is in reproductive endocrinology and he has particular expertise in infertility, menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

Michael has always been interested in a holistic, integrated team approach to patient care and he employs this strategy to maximize the chances of a positive outcome to any fertility treatment. Stress management, acupuncture and nutrition as well as other complementary therapies are combined with conventional IVF and assisted conception techniques to offer a tailored approach to the couple’s care.

Due to his work he has recently been appointed Foundation Fellow for the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health and is leading a tour to China at the end of the year to look at an integrated approach to healthcare in China. Michael has a special interest in sports gynaecology and has attended two Olympic games.

He is sole author of ‘Fit for Fertility’, a very informative and entertaining book which gives comprehensive advice on overcoming infertility and preparing for pregnancy. He is also developing a ‘Fit for Fertility’ programme.

Michael has established The Poundbury Clinic in Dorchester as a centre of excellence providing an integrated approach to women’s health including fertility, menopause, osteoporosis, reproductive endocrinology, sports gynaecology, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Michael works in very close collaboration with the Winterbourne Hospital to provide a local comprehensive fertility service. We can provide locally intrauterine insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) as well as gamete donation. Appropriate reproductive surgery is also offered locally including laparoscopic surgery.


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