CBRT Affirmation Cards

An extremely popular product, the CBRT Affirmation Cards form an important part of the individual session relaxation technique used by trained CBRT Practitioners.

Positive Psychology

• There are currently 70 cards, (10 of each colour) in a boxed set, each with a positive affirmation. These are for the use of trained CBRT Practitioners only.

• During the relaxation process it is beneficial for the client to choose their own preferred affirmations to work with.

How to relieve Stress

• Many of the CBRT Practitioners who work in the mainstream health and mental health sectors have found the CBRTAffirmation Cards useful when working with specific conditions such as PTSD, bereavement, alcohol, drug addiction or other mental health concerns such as anxiety panic disorder.

As the CBRTRelaxation Support Sessions grow across the UK, CBRT Practitioners will have CBRT products available for attendees to purchase.