Practitioners trained before November 2012

Are you a Colour Breathing Practitioners who undertook their training programme before June 2013 and now wish to renew your annual licence?

If you have previoulsy undertaken the two day Colour Breathing Practitioner Training Programme and wish to renew your licence agreement and become a recognised CBRT Practitioner there are a few simple steps which will need to be completed first.
Since November 2012 new standards have been set in place in preparation for ISO : 13485.

1) Please email us at with the date and place of your original Training Programme.

2) Your original Colour Breathing Practitioner number will have expired. You will need to complete online (on this website in the JOIN TRAINING section) the new versions of  CBRT Licence Agreement, Code of Conduct and Application form.

10 Case studies minimum are now required to be a licenced CBRT Practitioner.

Assessment Paper – 40 Questions – required if you do not have proof of your original – to be completed and emailed.

Your  annual CBRT Practitioner Licence fee is payable immediately with a small re-joining fee of £40.00 + VAT to cover our administration time and costs. (Details of how to pay this directly online be made available.)

You will be sent a new CBRT Practitioner Certificate with your new number upon receipt of all paperwork above, which you will need to have available should anyone wish to see it.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.