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I thought the course was superb and I am very excited about becoming a Practitioner.”   August 2015

To become a CBRT Practitioner, you will need to attend a two day CBRT Practitioner Training Programme and complete a 40 question
Assessment Paper and 10 case studies within 8 weeks of attending the training programme.

PLEASE NOTE: CBRT HIS Ltd is striving to become a ‘paper-free’ organisation based on easy to use Google forms and Google Docs
throughout the training process. You will therefore require a very basic understanding of how to use a PC, with access to a PC
with an internet connection, to complete the required paperwork before and after the Training Programme.



DURATION : Two days training programme with a 40 question Assessment paper and 10 case studies to be completed after the training
programme to an agreed date and within 6-8 weeks.

The case studies are for you to practice your new skills with family and friends. You will deliver CBRT to 17 people in total for your
case studies and will need to ask 3 groups of 5 people and two individuals to attend two sessions of CBRT each. The individual case studies
may not form part of a group. The easy to follow templates are online and case studies should be completed within 6- 8 weeks of the Training Programme.

TUITION FEES : £250.00
CBRT Certificate of Training : £30.00
CBRT Practitioner Kit : £140.00
CBRT Practitioner Annual Licence : One Year – £60.00.

You may also select  – Two Years Licence – £110.00 or  Three Years Licence – £135.00

Full Payment is due 4 weeks prior to Training Programme dates.

Above and One Year Licence –  £600.00
Above and Two Years Licence –  £650.00
Above and Three Years Licence –  £675.00

We encourage you to complete your assessment paper and case studies as soon after your training programme as possible, whilst
your knowledge is fresh. 

If you wish to have an 8 weeks extension given to complete case studies there is an extension fee of £80.00 – full details below.  



Please complete the following online forms:

  1. Application Form  
  2. CBRT Practitioner Code of Conduct and 
  3. CBRT™ Practitioner Licence Agreement – also individually listed as sub menus to this page/section.

Each document has a SUBMIT button at  the end of this process which you will need to press to complete and successfully submit each document.

CBRT™ Practitioners who intend to provide CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions in any capacity and/or earn potential income from this activity
are required to hold a valid CBRT™ Practitioner’s Licence  Agreement.This is a formal consent document needs to be valid for you to
be allowed to use CBRT with members of the public. 

After attendance of the two days CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme, you are required to complete a 40 question Assessment Paper
and provide 10 Case Studies which are completed online within 6-8 weeks.

You will receive your Certificate of Training in the post and CBRT Practitioner Licence Certificate online as a PDF once you have successfully completed the
Training Programme paperwork. These must be on display together whenever you deliver CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions.

In the near future, CBRT HIS Ltd plan to also issue CBRT Practitioners with an ID name badge on a Colour Breathing lanyard
to provide you with an photo identification badge to promote professional confidence with members of the public using your services that
you are fully competent to deliver rach session, that you adhere to the CBRT Practitioners Code of Conduct and you have a valid up to date
licence to practice.



1)   A qualified and licensed CBRT™ Practitioner is able to bring the benefits of Colour Breathing® into their professional work.
The CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme provides the core knowledge and skills (and Licence) to use the Colour Breathing Apparatus®
and CBRT™ to provide CBRT™ Relaxation Support Sessions, for one-to-one Individual support or CBRT™ Relaxation Support Sessions
for a group of up to twenty people.

2)  There is no requirement for there to be any previous experience in mental health and well being or working with colour to train as a CBRT™ Practitioner.

3)  The complete cost of the two day CBRT Training Programme is due by invoice a minimum of four weeks prior to the training programme.
The cost includes a two day Training Programme, a CBRT Practitioner Kit, CBRT Training Handbook, Annual Practitioner Licence* and
two packs of five CBRT Colour Breathing Disks Easels.
You will receive some of these items only upon successful completion of the programme.  

4)  Individuals in private practice must hold a valid CBRT Practitioner Licence and personal indemnity insurance to use the CBRT System
with any members of the public. The CBRT Practitioner Licence is an important document as it provides a form of consent for individuals
using CBRT in private practice. Without this in place, users could find themselves liable to intellectual property right infringement action.

5)  CBRT™ Practitioners who hold a valid licence and Practitioner number may receive 20% discount on selected CBRT™ products and sell
these at the recommended retail price and make a profit.

6)  CBRT Practitioners who hold a valid licence may purchase additional sets of 5 x CBRT Colour Breathing Disks Easels currently £50.00 each set.

Who should consider becoming a CBRT™ Practitioner?

  • All Nursing and Allied Healthcare Staff. Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Practitioners. Complementary Therapy Practitioners.
  • Behavioural health providers, Mental Health Community Team members, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Health Care,
    Social Care and Occupational Therapists. Rape, Crisis and Bereavement Specialists, Mentors, PTSD, Addiction Recovery, Rehabilitation Units.
  • Education sector: Teachers, SENCOs, School Counsellors.
  • Community volunteers keen to provide CBRT™ Relaxation Support Sessions in their locality.
  • Stress and Anger Management Consultants, Life Coaches , NLP Practitioners.
  • HM Forces, HM Prisons Service. Police, Fire and Rescue Services.
  • Employment agencies and Human Resources Professionals.
  • Sports coaches and sports motivation specialists.
  • Motivational speakers.

In 2004, Colour Breathing® was recognised as a relaxation therapy by the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association.)
Since 2005, Colour Breathing has been used by Mental Health professionals across the UK and we are preparing for entry into the NHS
and CPD accreditation with key training bodies.

Please note that each Training Programme requires a minimum number of participants for effective training to be able to be delivered.
Participants will be given a week’s notice if this course cannot run due to unforeseen circumstances. If this should happen, you will be able to
choose a training place on a different future date and/or location.

How will I be assessed following my CBRT Practitioner Training Programme? 

1.  After attendance of the two days CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme, you will be required to complete a 40 question Assessment Paper
and provide 10 Case Studies which are to be completed online. The details for these are provided by Head Office and should be completed
within 8 weeks of attending the training programme.

2.  To maintain our standards of training and feedback from each individual who has attended the CBRT Training Programme
and resulting paperwork, all assessment papers and case studies are marked as a group and it is the group which decides and
agrees the final date for papers submission.

3. It is in your interest to complete your assessment paper and case studies as soon as possible following the Training Programme
and within an 8 week time frame. However, we do understand that life gets busy – so if you wish to extend your deadline you may do so, for a further maximum of 8 weeks.
The marking extension fee is £80.00.

4. If you lapse this extension period, you will need to complete another two day CBRT Training Programme as a ‘Refresher participant’ for a £160.00 fee.      


Revalidation as a CBRT Practitioner.

If you have previously trained as a CBRT Practitioner and allowed your CBRT Practitioner Licence to lapse, we are able to start the CBRT Revalidation process.
Please complete the following online forms:

  1. Application Form  
  2. CBRT Practitioner Code of Conduct and
  3. CBRT™ Practitioner Licence Agreement – also individually listed as sub menus to this page/section.

Each document has a SUBMIT button at  the end of this process which you will need to press to complete each document.

The following fees are applied for Revalidation:

Revalidation Administration fee
– £55.00
Revalidation ASSESSMENT FEES (Case Studies Marking) – £40.00
Updated CBRT Practitioner Certificate of Training – £30.00
CBRT Practitioner Annual Licence (PDF) : One Year – £60.00.
You may also select  – Two Years Licence – £110.00 or  Three Years Licence – £135.00

To apply for revalidation we ask you to please email your details to with your personal details, where
and when you were originally trained and your previous CBRT Practitioner number if possible.

We will then ask you to complete a new set of case studies with a group of 8 people whom you need to deliver a CBRT Relaxation Support Session twice.